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NRG Survey software provides a full suite of software applications dedicated to the professional engineering and topographical  surveyor, whether it be for a simple boundary survey or a large scale civil engineering project.

With over thirty years of development, NRG Survey Software delivers a robust, mature software solution to service all aspects of the geospatial industry.



DTM Map is used for all mapping and modelling work within the NRG software suite. It allows the user to to process topographic survey data captured in the field, derive a digital ground model and produce professional plans. DTM Map also gives the user the ability to carry out area and volumetric measurements, take cross sections and features a host of cogo and setting out calculations.


Cross Sections

Sections module is a general-purpose viewer and editor for sections/ profiles. For any sort of land modelling whether it follows a geometric alignment or meanders along a water course. It allows Allowing extensive control over display and printing. It and contains functions for setting out batter rails and profiles. Cross Sections can use design data in the form of geometric alignments to create a design profile. An earthworks outline can be automatically generated from sets of design parameters and perfectly presents detailed volume reports.



Aimed at the professional tunnelling engineer / surveyor, this element of the software gives the user the ability to report concisely on critical elements of a tunnel drive. For shield driven tunnels the software provides checks on the as built alignment offering various least squares best fitting methods and helps to determine the best fit of tracks. For hard rock, NATM and excavated tunnels the software identifies underbreak and calculates overbreak volumes, shotcrete volumes etc.
For deformation in NATM tunnelling see the monitoring page


Road / Rail Design

Geometric alignments can be developed with the software using a variety of methods, both manually and graphically with interaction with a ground model

Templates and construction details can be hung from the alignments to represent roads, railways, tunnels and more.



Drainage manager is a contractor’s tool taking a project through estimating, ordering of components including pre-formed manhole bases, setting out, quality control, stock control, measurement for payment and finally for as built records that go out to BIM. There is also design functionality for checking the hydraulics of a design or optimising pipe sizes.



Deformation monitoring of heavy civil engineering projects is becoming increasing relevant. Used throughout the world, NRG monitoring software helps to capture data either traditionally or remotely then report and alert on any movement happening within the project. It has specialist reports for Tunnelling helping to predict the ground ahead of the bore, Railways for displaying changes in Cant, Twist and Gauge or just for general ground movement consequential to construction works


Setting Out

With functions for cogo calculations, pre-calculating batter rails, profiles and pins. Setting Out features an unparalleled feature set for preparinig stake out data whether it be for traditional woodwork or machine control.



Extract data from huge point cloud data sets captured by laser scanner and arial or ground based photogrammetry. Draw in line and point features ready to be used in more traditional survey processing software.


Alignment Viewer

Built for Android and IOS devices, Alignment Viewer features real time positional updates showing latitude, longitude, chainage / station and offset or local eastings and northings.



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