Software for Drainage Contractors

Drainage Software Features

  • Materials Take Off
  • Bills of Quantities
  • As built drawings
  • Clash Management
  • Long Sections along Pipe Runs
  • Customisable Nodes and Pipe Library
NRG Survey Software

Drainage Module

NRG Surveys develop a range of software for Civil Engineering.

Our clients are generally heavy civil engineering contractors who use the software for earthworks measurement, machine control, setting out and mapping.

The NRG Drainage module has been developed for contractors and gives them the complete range of useful tools to assist with drainage design and construction. Software features such as clash management and the generation of as built drawings and bills of quantities.

One of the key features is the popular materials take-off facility where from simple input data the software will schedule all of the required materials including, rockers and stubbs, arisings and bedding etc.

NRG software is developed by practicing Engineers with vast experience in material take-off and drainage construction.

Create Tender, Interim and Final Measures

With the NRG Surveys Drainage Module you can create Tender, Interim and Final Measures along with Setting Out, QA Sheets, Stock Control and As Built Records.

The Measure options can be set within the software to meet specific requirements.

Drainage Software for Contractors

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Add pipes runs by adding a line between manholes

Pipes are added by a simple “join the dots” method, click between the manholes and the pipe is co-ordinated. Invert Levels will then be calculated from the Manhole Invert.

Pipe lengths can be corrected for Curvature around a road. Gully positions can be entered and connected to the Pipe at specified angles determined by the available Junctions.

Extensive materials database included

Extensive database of Stock items, Pipes, Rings, Cover Slabs, Gullies and Junctions are all included. Add any items specific to your Supplier.

Automatically calculate any Manhole Ring Depths, and Sequence, Pipe Bedding Volumes. Print stock lists required for Construction and send it to your Supplier.

Designed for Drainage Contractors

NRG Surveys Drainage Module is designed to understand the needs of the on site Drainage Engineer. The Drainage module offers Tender, Interim and Final Measures along with Setting Out, QA Sheets, Stock Control and As Built Record functionality.