Drainage Module


NRG Surveys Drainage Module is designed to understand the needs of the on site Drainage Engineer. The Drainage module offers Tender, Interim and Final Measures along with Setting Out, QA Sheets, Stock Control and As Built Records.

  • ▪ Add drainage data (manhole and gullies etc.) from known coordinates or derive the coordinates from an alignment string
  • ▪ Add pipes runs by simply adding a line between manholes or nodes
  • ▪ Add junctions to the pipe runs
  • ▪ Includes a customisable nodes and pipes library editor to allow you to specify manhole dimensions, pipe diameters, trench widths etc.
  • ▪ View the data in plan or produce longsections
  • ▪ Produce schedules of manholes and piperuns
  • ▪ Take off reports showing components required together with volumes of excavated material, pipe bedding and backfill quantities
  • ▪ Derive setting out data
  • ▪ Produce drawings of each manhole/piperun for QA records or for the engineers to convey the design to the men on the ground
  • ▪ Produce long sections along pipe runs
  • ▪ Redesign using Lloyd Davies rational method to calculate pipe sizes
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