Deformation Monitoring Module


The NRG Survey Deformation Monitoring Module allows analysis of a set of Points relative movement over time. Real time monitoring system to capture, record and display spatial movement of a set of Points over a set period time.

  • ▪ Import monitoring data from NRG coordinate and observation files
  • ▪ Import monitoring data from an ASCII file
  • ▪ Data is time stamped when imported
  • ▪ Monitoring points can be grouped together for easy access to the information
  • ▪ Record data in real-time and remotely across the internet
  • ▪ Supervisor controls, so out of tolerance points cannot be ignored
  • ▪ Display monitoring data both graphically and in grid form
  • ▪ Display graphically in plan, elevation or in section
  • ▪ Display graphs of movement over time (horizontal, vertical, vector, chainage and offset)
  • ▪ Set movement tolerances to highlight points outside of tolerances
  • ▪ Display Isopachs
  • ▪ Print reports from a variety of report options
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