Asset Management

GIS Software and App

Simplifying the process of cataloging and managing your company assets. Ideal solution for.
  • Facilities Management
  • Asset management
  • Snagging for construction
  • Highways construction
  • Railway construction
  • Forestry and woodland management
  • Bird watching
Photo Gis & Camera GIS

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Photo GIS

Photo GIS is a PC application for geographical management of photographs and attributes stored with the picture.

It allows the user to view the photographs on a map view along with the objects position. Reports for each photo or group of photo can be generated using a customised word template

It converts the geographic coordinates to local orthometric coordinates and has a large database of transformation parameters but can be easily user defined.

For road and railways it includes support for geometric alignments and can display positions in relation to the alignment as chainage or station and offset

Camera GIS

Camera GIS is a camera app for Android and iOS which gives the user the ability to add any number of attributes to a picture.

It has a template arrangement so that you can prepare a template for each type of feature that you want to record.

Pictures and their attributes are loaded directly to Photo GIS on the PC for further manipulation.

Geo Referenced inventory cataloging

View and manage your geo-referenced photos

Add custom comments stored within the photos metadata.

Easily convert between latitude longitude to hundreds of cartesion grid based coordinates.

View position along a geometric alignment

MS Word or PDF reports

Automated report creation through microsoft word using provided templates.

Useful option to calculate approximate distance of the object based on subject distance and bearing.

Fully supports loading of .nst and land xml alignments

Camera App

Camera GIS allows you to take geo referenced photos with bearing, inclination and optional subject distance.

With the option to add custom comments to each photo stored within the photos metadata.

This mobile app has been engineered to work in conjunction with our GIS Photo pc software.

Perfect for GIS asset management requirements.

Available to download for IOS or Android devices.