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nrg survey system deformation monitoring displaying isopchytes to show the degree of vertical movementNRG Survey System Deformation Monitoring display options for graphical window and data gridNRG Survey Software Deformation Monitoring editing data for single monitoring reportNRG Survey Software Deformation Monitoring monitoring points shown in sectionsNRG Survey Software Deformation Monitoring options for loading new monitoring dataNRG Survey Software Deformation Monitoring options for printing out reportsNRG Survey Software Deformation Monitoring realtime monitoring setup options

Deformation Monitoring Module


The NRG Survey Deformation Monitoring Module allows analysis of a set of Points relative movement over time. Real time monitoring system to capture, record and display spatial movement of a set of Points over a set period time.

  • ▪ Import monitoring data from NRG coordinate and observation files
  • ▪ Import monitoring data from an ASCII file
  • ▪ Data is time stamped when imported
  • ▪ Monitoring points can be grouped together for easy access to the information
  • ▪ Record data in real-time and remotely across the internet
  • ▪ Supervisor controls, so out of tolerance points cannot be ignored
  • ▪ Display monitoring data both graphically and in grid form
  • ▪ Display graphically in plan, elevation or in section
  • ▪ Display graphs of movement over time (horizontal, vertical, vector, chainage and offset)
  • ▪ Set movement tolerances to highlight points outside of tolerances
  • ▪ Display Isopachs
  • ▪ Print reports from a variety of report options

Base Module

This module requires the NRG Base Module for it to work. If you dont have the Base Module already then add it to your order below.

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