NRG Survey Software cross section on image
NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Viewing sections in the module.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Calculating areas between layers showing the options for joining layers to create a closed shape.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Running a volume by cross sections.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Setting options to create a cross section report.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Defining line styles for different layers in the section.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Printing a cross section volume report.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Options for creating new layers in a section file.NRG Survey System Cross Sections - Generating setting out information from a scetion layer.

Cross Section Module


The Cross Section module is for displaying, printing and editing cross/long sections. It also allows volumes and areas to be calculated along with setting out information.Ideal for rivers, roads, quarries, railways, tunnels or just land formations.

▪ View sections with multiple layers
▪ Edit sections
▪ Create new layers
▪ Create long sections from cross sections
▪ Attach legends
▪ Print cross section reports
▪ Export sections/report to CAD
▪ Generate setting out information
▪ Calculate areas between layers
▪ Calculate volumes

Base Module

This module requires the NRG Base Module for it to work. If you dont have the Base Module already then add it to your order below.

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